Helpful Title Insurance

Protect your property interests and investments with title insurance issued by Cross Timbers Title Company, Inc. When you purchase commercial or residential property or an acreage, you're entitled to use and occupy this property. 

However, your rights could be limited by the rights and claims of others. In those cases, title insurance protects you against these claims. 

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Additional Benefits of Title Insurance

  • Owner protection
    • Lasts as long as you or your heirs have an interest in the property
  • Lender / mortgagee protection
    • Lasts until your lien is paid off

How Title Insurance Works

Title insurance (a one-time purchase handled at closing) protects against a variety of hazards. Your premium covers the search and examination of public land records in your area. Examinations are performed by a title agent or attorney on behalf of the underwriter. The report generated from the search reflects everything that pertains to your property. 

A sound and unbroken chain of title reveals everything that’s happened to the property as well as any objects related to it. Objections include outstanding mortgages, judgments, or liens because a seller hasn’t paid taxes. 

Pending legal action against the property or current owner, easements (may or may not be beneficial), unknown heirs, forgeries, and mistakes in public records affect your ability to purchase the property in question. 
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Carla Swofford, Owner, Escrow officer
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