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Our company records go back over 50 years, and our docket entries go back 120, so you can be assured of timely service for any transaction. We are committed to building strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients—if you’re here, you’re family.

Title Review

We make sure the chain of ownership is correct and complete, with no lawsuits, liens, or judgements on the property that you would have to deal with. Make sure you’re getting what you pay for!

Closing Agents

Cross Timbers Title Co makes sure that all parties involved receive all required documents, including property deeds, deeds of trust, and more.

Notary Services

Cross Timbers Title Co is a registered and state-appointed notary public, able to legally witness and complete the process of signing deeds, contracts, and other licenses.


If you're buying land by the acre, especially outside of the city limits, that's even more complicated. You'll need us to file your title with the county to make sure everything is properly signed, witnessed, and notarized and to make sure that your ownership of the land is free and clear.


Are you buying a home in the city? We can help set up everything so that ownership is passed easily and efficiently, with no issues or loopholes. Make sure that your property is passed right with Cross Timbers.


Since 1992, Cross Timbers Title Company has been working with Old Republic National Title Insurance Group, who underwrite title insurance for homes across the United States. ORNT has had the highest overall financial strength ratings in the title insurance industry since 1992, and can evaluate the risks in insurance to make sure that your transaction is as risk-free as possible. A rating from ORNT can ensure financial stability.
Here is the contact information for ORNT:

Old Republic National Title Insurance Group
777 Post Oak Boulevard Suite 240
Houston, TX 77056-3203





Loan Closings

A loan closing is the last step to securing a mortgage for your new property. This is when every party involved in the loan transaction signs all the legal documents and distributes funds.

Because there are so many parties involved, there is no such thing as a “standard” closing, so knowing what you’ll need ahead of time can be difficult. Cross Timbers Title can help navigate the loan closing to make sure that your mortgage is squared away.


Title Insurance

If you are buying or selling a property, there’s always a chance that something could go wrong that could limit your ability to use the property. Outstanding mortgagees, judgements, liens, unknown heirs, and forgeries can all hamper your ability to purchase the property in question.

Title insurance is a kind of indemnity insurance that protects both lenders and homebuyers from financial loss that might be sustained by any of the above mentioned title defects. Protect yourself financially before you buy.

FAQ Section

Will the Lender's Title Insurance Protect Me?

Not necessarily. There are two types of title insurance. A lender’s policy ensures that your lender has a valid lien on the property. Most lenders require this type of insurance and will typically require the borrower to pay for it.

On the other hand, an owner's policy protects your interest in the property. Title troubles, such as improper estate proceedings or pending legal action, could put your equity at serious risk. If a valid claim is filed, in addition to covering the financial loss up to the face value of the policy, your owner’s title policy will pay for the cost of legal advice.

Do I Need Title Insurance?

Most definitely! Title insurance is a means of protecting yourself from financial loss in the event that problems develop regarding the rights of ownership to your property. There may be hidden title defects that even the most careful title search will not reveal.

In addition to protection from financial loss, title insurance pays the cost of defending you against any covered claim.

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